Professional office attire or smart school uniform. Most gentlemen opt to wear suit with tie. Meanwhile, most ladies opt to wear suit jackets, button up shirts, smart dresses or skirts. Jeans or trainers are not permitted.

A suit jacket, blazer or school jumper is required to be worn by gentlemen whilst speaking to the floor of their committee.


  • Prepare an opening speech to deliver to their committee on the first day
  • Read through their committee's questions of and research papers in order to prepare 1-3 clauses to bring to debate
  • Bring notepaper with their country's delegation name and flag on it


  • Bring writing materials; highlighter, pencil, pen
  • Research the country they are representing on their political policies and resolutions they are debating. 
  • Research and understand the general political, environmental, economic, and social landscapes of the country they are representing.


  • Further research case studies related to the points they wish to bring to debate
  • Bring their own laptop or device to research with. This will allow them to research properly in the allocated time in their committees.
  • Have a general understanding of the relationships their country holds with others (i.e. the BRICS association)